Welcome to Waterscape Leonbergers


About Us

We are a small hobby kennel and hope we will have occassional litters.  First and foremost any dogs we have are our family pets, they live in the house with us ( not out in kennels ) and temperament is paramount.Contact us here.

Whilst we do some showing the most fun we have is doing water work ( and some carting in the winter) 

Sasha qualifed for crufts 2014 at her first go and qualifed multiple times - she has again qualified multiple times for Crufts 2015 and has qualified again for 2016

Breeding Plans - We are hoping to have another  litter from Sasha   ( Wolfen Northern Light at Waterscape)in 2017 - her health tests have given fantastic results - Elbows 0:0  Hips 2:0  Eyes clear  LPN1  NN clear  LPN2  NN clear .  Please contact us if you are interested in having a puppy - we will update re the sire as soon as I find one that I am really happy with ( I am being picky but I won't just breed a littler for the sake of it).

Our first litter from Sasha have a;; turned out to be super dogs - we had 11 puppies - 7 boys and 4 girls by the gorgeous sire Maalo - Lyonechka of the Bernese Gardens at Oldholbans. 

We kept a girl - Poppy and have had her hip & elbow scores done and are delighted with her results of 0:0 elbows and 3:3 hips.

I grew up with dogs and horses in my life, we had Boxers, Ridgebacks and a GSD when I was younger, I then later had a wonderful Northern Inuit ( although she was the hardest dog I have ever had to train).  I then found the Leonbergers and have to say I have found my breed. They have the most wonderful temperaments and despite their size are so easy to take places as they are so easy going.

As a junior I rode in BSJA classes, now I have moved on to dressage and compete and judge with British Dressage.  Having spent most of my life with horses I am very used to looking at conformation and movement which is no less important for these dogs.


Passed Bronze Good  Citizen Test,Passed A test water work assessment,3rd and 2nd Driffield 2013,2nd LKA 2013,

3rd Boston 2014,3rd Stafford 2014,3rd Windsor 2014,2nd Driffield 2014,3rd Windsor 2015,3rd Windsor 2016